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Create your own branching narratives and play them too!

Available on Windows, Mac & Linux!

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With Fable Maker, you can create your very own text-based branching narratives or visual novels, with multiple player options and powerful tools. The goal of Fable Maker, is to give people easy to use tools to create the stories of your dreams. Fable Maker has a very flexible toolset that can help you create any text-based story you could imagine!

With more features planned to be added in future updates, you can keep creating more unique and creative stories to share.


For those who want to create their own stories. Fable Maker is the best way to bring your stories to life and sharing them with others is easy! All you have to do is share a folder that contains all your stories files.

Fable Maker provides a large list of parameters that you can manipulate to give each story a unique feel. You can change/ add elements like:

  • Visual Novel support
  • Text Colour
  • Background Colour
  • Add custom background images
  • Text Font
  • Text Size
  • BBcode functionality ( Text effects & text animation )
  • Screen Filters and Effects
  • Add custom  sound effects or music ( Up to 5 layers + music )
  • Over 100 premade sounds ready for you to use in your stories
  • Add custom images within the story
  • Create conditional story elements
  • Create conditional options to choose from
  • Create an infinte list of options for players to choose from
  • Create variables within your stories which you can manipulate throughout the story
  • Allow players to input a custom string (like a name) and be able to recall that string later in the story
  • Create save points
  • Create stories in other supported languages! Including Japanese, French & more.

More preset fonts and sound effects will be added with regular updates!


For those who enjoy experiencing stories. Fable Maker allows you to play deep stories with nothing but a keyboard. Type your choices and see your stories change! There's a few quality of life features that help you to enjoy stories to the fullest including being able to resize the game window any way you like! Increasing/ decreasing text size for vision impared and giving you the option to speed up sections of the story to skip the boring parts. And no need to worry about finishing a story in one sitting, stories can have save points that you can continue from! Although this must be set up by the author of the story.


Sharing stories is very easy. All you need to do is zip story folders (available in user directories. %appdata%/Godot/app_userdata/Fable Maker/ saves) and send that zip file to whoever you like. Then they can unzip the folder and place it in their user directory to play.

You can share your stories through our Discord Server and discuss ideas or other Fable Maker related things there!

The possiblities are endless with Fable Maker!

With Fable Maker, you could make a wide variety of stories including:

  • Narratives that change based on user choices, similar to TellTale Games
  • Visual Novels
  • RPG-esque battles by using variables and conditional statements within your stories
  • Inventory systems using variables
  • Creating quizzes
  • Creating random events within stories
  • Create stories with voiceovers
  • And so much more!

Donations would be very much appreciated if you enjoy Fable Maker and want to support future updates and projects.


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