Fable Maker 0.6.4

Hello Fablers,

Story Encryption:

This updates main feature is encryption and password protection for your stories! This allows you to password protect a story so only a person with the password will be able to edit the story. A password protected story will also be encrypted, which means the JSON file the story is saved in will be a completely unreadable mess outside of Fable Maker.

You can easily choose to password protect your story by typing a password in the configuration menu. If the password box is left blank, Fable Maker assumes that you don't want your story to be encrypted and will decrypt the files so they are viewable outside of Fable Maker again.

Along with encrypting stories, the config files of your stories is always encrypted now. This helps to protect your password which is saved in the config file, although your password is also hashed when saved as added protection. (I would still not recommend using a password that you use for other sensitive data/ accounts.)

Language Support Improvements:

I've been working on improving language support and have added a few more languages (mainly languages that use the English Alphabet). These include, French, Portugese, Indonesian and German. Again, these translations were made using Google Translate, so they will not be 100% accurate, but I'm hoping they will help make Fable Maker more accessible to others.

On top of that I improved support for Japanese, and you can now fully create a Japanese story within Fable Maker. 90% of UI elements have also been translated.

Other improvements:

There aren't too many other improvements, mainly just bug fixes. But I did refactor some code and the UI for the story editor. This helps the editor display other languages and fonts better without ruining the layout of the editor.

I added a few more icons by ikonate.com to the story editor UI. Hopefully this will help people understand what buttons do even if the translation of text is not 100%.

I've also added support for Japanese in a few more fonts. These include the "hand written", "the end ", and "monteserrat" (default) fonts. You will be able to use these fonts in Japanese stories. Other fonts do not support Japanese yet, but I do hope to gradually make all fonts support all languages.

The Dynamic Tooltip is sightly broken at the moment, I hope to fix it soon, but it may require a whole rewrite of how it's coded. I hope to make it support bbcode tags as well as functions and variables.

That's all for now, Happy Fabling!



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Feb 19, 2020
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Feb 19, 2020
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Feb 19, 2020

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