Fable Maker - 0.6.6

Hello Fablers,

Another update is up! Again, nothing too exciting, just some general improvements to Fable Maker. I think that Fable Maker is at a fairly stable point in development now. I believe a user could use Fable Maker quite comfortably now and create some really engaging and complete stories. That means that I may slow down on updates for Fable Maker as I would like to try and focus on other projects that I want to work on. That doesn't mean there'll be no updates for Fable Maker, but they just might not be as frequent. But there's still a lot of features I would like to add to Fable Maker and that's not changing.

Update Notes:

  • Added a safety measure to make sure users cannot spam the "add row" function because spamming the button would freeze/ crash Fable Maker on larger stories.
  • Added language selection in the story editor. This will store the language that the story is written in. It won't do much right now, but will be useful in the future.
  • Background colours will now stay until another colour is entered in the "background colour" column.
  • Dynamic tooltips have finally been revised and work a lot better now. They also support BBcode tags now in the Story Text column.
  • A major bug was fixed in VN's which glitched stories if you went too quickly through them. You can now hold down the spacebar or enter key and you will rapidly skip through a story with no problems.
  • I added a small QOL improvement in the editor. If you CTL + Click a "Skip Position" box, it will auto scroll you to the row number that was specified in the box.

That's all for this update. In the future I'd like to keep on improving the basic elements of Fable Maker but I would like to also add a new "phone story" type. Which will be a story that users can play in a phone-looking  interface. This would be good for stories that involve texting, e-mails and things like that. Although it will be a bit more complex to implement compared to Visual Novels and Text Adventures.

Thank you for using Fable Maker, we've almost reached 1,000 views on the store page and over 100 downloads!



Fable Maker - Win.zip 434 MB
Feb 29, 2020
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Feb 29, 2020
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Feb 29, 2020

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