Fable Maker - 0.6.5

Hello Fablers,

This update doesn't add many features unfortunately, but it is a quick update to try and optimise the saving and loading of stories within the editor. I recently discovered that any story above 400 rows would freeze Fable Maker completely. This is not good at all for a story creation software. Due to this discovery, I've spent the last few days trying to optimise Fable Maker to save and load stories quicker and with less lag.

I can happily say that saving has been improved significantly! I have tested up to 3000 rows and they save in less than a second. I am very happy with this result, and I am fairly sure that the save feature will work quickly for even more than 3000 rows. Story files raw data does look slightly messier due to how I recoded stuff, but that shouldn't be a huge concern, and it isn't unreadable.

Loading stories on the other hand has been more difficult to fix. So while this version of Fable Maker does improve the loading of stories (tested up to 3000 rows), it is still not as optimised as I think I can make it. This is more of a quick fix to make sure no one has any problems. If you do get up to 2000+ rows, the story will take roughly 5 seconds to load, so be patient. It may still freeze as well, but hopefully that doesn't happen too often, and isn't catastrophic. (even if it freezes for a couple seconds, it often unfreezes and loads the story)

So hopefully in coming updates I'll be able to improve the performance of the story editor. Things like resizing the window and adding new rows cause quite a bit of lag and freezing when stories reach the 2000+ mark. So I will have some fixes for those issues as well.

When adding rows in large stories, don't spam the "add row" buttons/ commands otherwise you can risk crashing Fable Maker. I'll be adding ways to combat this issue in the near future.

For now, I think up to 3000 rows of story should satisfy most people. Fable Maker should be able to support even more rows, but I just haven't tested it yet. The Fable Maker tutorial is only about 160 rows, and that takes roughly 5-10 minutes to complete if you read through it at a normal pace. So 3000 rows would be quite a lot of content.

There are a couple of other things added in this update just so it isn't only a boring optimisation update.

- You can now change Fable Maker to fullscreen using the options menu.

- Dutch and Swedish have been added to supported languages (again translated using Google Translate)

That's all for now, Good luck writing your stories!



Fable Maker - Win.zip 434 MB
Feb 22, 2020
Fable Maker - Mac.zip 440 MB
Feb 22, 2020
Fable Maker - Linux.zip 435 MB
Feb 22, 2020

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