Fable Maker 0.4.0

Not a huge update, but it is a pretty useful one to help stories feel more unique and immersive.

You can now add images as backgrounds throughout your story! All you need to do is add an image to the "Image" column and then use the new function setBG() in the "Action" column to set that image as the background. The image will stay as the background until you set a new image or you use the clearBG() function.

Note that because users can resize their screen while playing the game, background images are set to scale and crop to fit the screen. So on some screen sizes, your entire background may not be seen properly.

In other news, I will try to make a few more posts on here to help explain some mechanics you can use within Fable Maker. While the tutorial story shows what you can do, I feel a more in-depth post about some features would help people understand how to use it more.


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Dec 30, 2019

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