Fable Maker - 0.5.1

Hello Fablers!

I'm here with another update, this one adds custom sound functionality as well as ways to layer sounds. At this point, Fable Maker has all the tools to be able to create completely unique stories with custom audio, images and narrative options!

Let there be sounds!

Audio has been a challenge to implement within Fable Maker and currently there are still a few issues, but it does work now! You are able to add your own custom sounds and music to Fable Maker using the inbuilt audio manager. It works basically the same as the image manager except you can preview your sounds and premade/ usermade sounds are seperated into tabs for organisation.

THERE IS A DOWNSIDE. As I said, there have been some challenges with implementing sound, this has been mainly due to the Godot Engine currently having a bug that effects how my system is set up. One major limitation is that you can only add audio files that fit a certain format. The format is:

  • It must be a .wav file
  • It must have a  44,100 hz sample rate
  • it must have a 16-bit bit depth
  • It must be a stereo file

I know that is a bit annoying, but if you try any other audio format, I cannot guarantee it will work properly.

ON THE UPSIDE. There is a decent amount of functionality with audio now within the story editor! You can now use the play() and stop() function to play and stop audio. On top of that, you can play audio on different layers (up to 5 + a music layer) so you can finally have overlapping sounds. To use the play function, you must fill in all parameters, which are 

play(  soundLayerNum { 1 - 5 OR music } / Volume { 0 - 1 } / Pitch { 0 - 3 OR rand } / loop {true OR false} )

For example:

play( 2 / 0.5 / 2 / true )

will play a sound on layer 2 at half volume at double pitch and it will keep looping.

You can stop audio before it's suppose to end, by using the stop() function. It is a bit simpler and only requires one parameter. That parameter is which sound layer you want to stop ( 1 - 5 OR music ). So stop(4) will stop audio on the 4th layer. It's as easy as that!

As you can see, you have a lot of control over your sounds now. But if this sounds like too much trouble for you don't worry! You don't need to use the play or stop function at all if you don't want to. If you simply select audio for a row, it will automatically work without the play function. The play function is only for added control and it is needed if you want to play audio on the music layer.

Thank for you reading and I hope to see what people create with Fable Maker,


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