Fable Maker - 0.5.4

Hello Fablers,

This update isn't a huge one, but it is laying the foundations for a big update in the future. I am working towards allowing stories to be displayed in a Visual Novel layout compared to the old school text adventure layout. The old school layout will still be available, but you'll be able to switch to a Visual Novel look that'll be complete with text boxes and other features (hopefully). Although no timeframe on when this will be finished.

Anyway, Fable Maker 0.5.4 includes, a config pop-up where you can rename your story, add an author and see the last save time.

There's also a whole new look to the entire Fable Maker program. There may be small tweaks to how it looks in the future, but I think it looks a bit more professional now.

A few other bug fixes and improvements were made and a "help" button is now in the toolbar section of the Fable Maker editor. It provides a few guides on how to get started using the editor. I hope to add more guides in the help section. Currently it discusses the basics and a bit more details about the "Action" column.

That's all for now!



Fable Maker - Win.zip 355 MB
Jan 12, 2020
Fable Maker - Mac.zip 361 MB
Jan 12, 2020
Fable Maker - Linux.zip 357 MB
Jan 12, 2020
FM_Tutorial.zip 2 MB
Jan 12, 2020

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